The most complete collection of solutions to Tortoise SVN Clean up failure

1. SVN cleanup failed again. It’s been a year or so. Remember the last time I wrote a post, I had a problem in 2014, please check the SVN cleanup failed.
The work environment
Work version: TortoiseSVN 1.9.4, Build 27285-64 Bit,
Try to approach
Each person has a different version of SVN and a different work environment, so if you don’t want to recheckout the whole project, I suggest you try one of these methods in turn.
Methods a
Sqlite3 method to clean SVN WC.DB database:
Multiple attempts fail.
Method 2
According to the prompt “SVN Working Copy XXX locked”
Remove the SVN lock with the command. Note that the locked file is backed up and the locked file is deleted at the same time as the lock is deleted. Reference:
Still no result,
Heart as dead as ashes.
In despair…
Was there only one way out again?
Methods three
Finally, in the desperation of waiting for takeout, I tried to clean up using command Line.
(If a TortoiseSVN command line component of the Windows version was not installed when installing TortoiseSVN, a separate download is required

If the above information appears, the SVN instruction is already available through the CMD window.
Switch to the SVN project and execute SVN Clean up.

Without hope at all, SVN can be used normally!!
People still want to have a little dream, in case it comes true!
Just have a little faith.
— — —
2018.12.22 added:
Copy the following command to a batch file, put the path to the root directory where you need to cleanup, and execute.

cd %~dp0 
svn cleanup


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