Debug assembler NTVDM has encountered a system error The equipment connected to the system does not work

The Debug assembler NTVDM has ritten a system error connected to the system and the device does not perform its function

Two attempts to
1. Open the control panel –& GT; Procedures and functions –& GT; Enable or disable Windows –& GT; Old component –& GT; Check the NTVDM
English is as follows
Go into Programs and Features -& GT; Turn Windows Features on or off -> Legacy Components -> Enable NTVDM?

2. Open the command prompt window,
Right click on the icon in the upper left hand corner –& GT; Attributes – & gt; Check “Use Older Console” –& GT; determine
Then close the Command Prompt window and reopen it
English is as follows:
Open “Command prompt”
Right click over title “Command prompt” and select “Properties”
select “Use legacy console (require relauch)”, Then “Accept”
Close and re-open “Command prompt” to test.

The official website replies with the following link

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