Lenovo-win7 system computer boot prompt error 1962: no operating

The above problem is mainly caused by the boot mode selection error (most of the problems are caused by the original UEFI boot, but the BIOS setting causes the boot failure).
(1) Press F12 and then select?Enter ?Setup?
(2) Then go to SETUP and then to STARTUP. Maybe the fourth or the fifth.
(3) Down to find CSM press enter, then select ENABLE.
(4) In this directory (my computer is, maybe different computers are different), go to BOOT PRIORITY, now go to UEFI FIRST
(5) Now press F10, now SAVE. Then try to restart it.
After this round, there should be no problem. If there are any other problems, you need to check to see if your boot option is selected to boot from hard disk.

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