Causes and solutions of errors in “insufficient ram for flash algorithms”

The error of “insufficient ram for flash algorithms” usually has a prompt window of “can’t load flash programming algorithm!” as shown in the following figure:
in case of “insufficient ram for flash algorithms” error, there will be a prompt window of “can’t load flash programming algorithm!”

“Insufficient ram for flash algorithms” literally means “insufficient RAM space for loading flash algorithm”.

This error usually occurs after adding a new flash burning algorithm.

Reason: the flash burning algorithm itself is also equivalent to a small program, which is executed by the chip in the process of burning program from JLINK to flash, so the burning algorithm needs to allocate memory space in the burning process. Open the settings of the utilities tab to see its configuration options;

As shown in the figure:

The place indicated by the arrow in the figure is the size of the RAM space for storing the burning algorithm. If the allocation of this place is too small, the above error message will be caused.

The problem can be solved by changing its size to a larger one.

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