Sina world of Warcraft 3.1.3 compressed package cannot be executed. Solution: failed to open archive interface.MPQ

this article only for wow. Exe execution “Failed to open archive interface.MPQ” prompt when the solution:

1. Create a new folder under wow. Exe and name it “Data”.

2. Move all.mpQ files in wow.exe folder to the “Data” folder;

3. Subfolder “eN??” in the folder where wow.exe resides. “(There are also MPQ files under this folder), move the entire folder under” Data “;

4. Execute wow. Exe, no more errors.

is because sina’s compression package is not volume compression, but a single separate compression, especially several large MPQ files separately compressed, changed the wow directory structure, as long as the structure can be restored to solve this problem.

but strange is, this method is not scientific, in addition after landing, will wow directory to see a strange account + number named file, after confirmation should be Trojan to log in the formation of the file. If in order to prevent security, we suggest that the client to disconnect the network strictly check the virus.

last word, sina is not kind!

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