License Error: “Failed to Open the TCP Port Number in the License” Ultimate Solution

Why is it called the ultimate solution?Not to boast, this list is more complete than the current Synopsys, Cadence, support documentation, and FLEXnet’s help documentation.

these moves most of the eda vendor’s engineers are not plenary, the true conclusion is not nonsense. This thing toss about for a long time, spent a lot of energy, let me blow brag, ha ha.

in addition, if the following problems are excluded and the license is reported incorrectly, do not suspect that the list is incomplete, 99% of the time it may be that one of the steps is not done completely. Get a new check.

is limited to the legal license, crack is a weird problem, not to be discussed

start of text:

1, ensure that the LMGRD process has been completely killed;

# killall LMGRD

2, make sure the tool processes in the license, like synopsys SNPSLMD, cadence CDSLMD, are also completely killed

# killall XXXX

above two steps than lmdown-c license.lic insurance, also can be used cross-over

3, check whether the license port is used, if this is the case, you can temporarily change the port to try to start it once, if it is successful to explain the problem, follow the steps below to change back to the actual use of port

# netstat -pan | grep port_number

gets the process that is using the port, kill it, if not, wait for the port to be released, which may take a few minutes.

4, make sure the TCP protocol is started

can ping the host name view, can ping no problem

5, make sure the firewall does not block this port or turn off iptables

#service iptables stop

6, view seLinux or close

#setenforce 0

7, check /etc/hosts to make sure you have this line localhost

8, check to see if Telnet hostname can pass, if it can’t login, then change by the following way

1 & gt; Install Telnet, Telnet-Server, xinetd
2 & gt; Modify /etc/xinetd.d/ Telnet disable to no
3 & gt; /etc/init.d/xinetd restart

9, if you use nis, make sure that the first parameter of all items in /etc/nsswitch is files

For example, networks: nisplus [NOTFOUND=return] files should be changed to
networks: files [NOTFOUND=return] nisplus

more than one problem usually do not encounter all at once, from front to back to find which solution to the problem can be.

is limited to the legal license, crack is a weird problem, not to be discussed

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