res://ieframe.dll/acr_ error.htm Error resolution | IE8 website restore error real feasible solution

Ie8 website restore error real feasible solution, this morning to open the computer, prompted to update the system patch, so the recommended three most important patches installed. On QQ, open the IE8 browser page of QQ space and suddenly switch quickly, and then the website restore error immediately appears, url header res:// IEframe. DLL /acr_error. HTM, after testing QQ space and other interactive websites will appear this problem.

use IE repair, but still not, looked up on the Internet there is no solution, only to see an article that reinstall IE8 can solve this problem. But since it’s a reinstallation of IE, I don’t think this is the solution. At first glance, I suspect the problem was caused by the morning update patch, and the most likely patch is JSON interoperability of Internet Explorer 8.
The real solution to the IE8 web restoration error is to check out the patch on Microsoft’s website: Install this update to improve JSON interoperability with Internet Explorer 8 according to the new ECMAScript (5th edition standard). You may have to restart your computer after installing this update.

solution: remove the JSON interoperability patch for Internet Explorer 8, the patch number KB976662. First go to the control panel – Add/remove program – display update – find the number KB976662 – delete.

ie8 website restore error really feasible solution, delete need to restart, after the test QQ space and other interactive website open normal. Above method is original, in WIN2003+IE8 under the test is feasible.

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