Rtklib DLL compilation and error link_ Showmsg error resolution


Using the above method, we should show the main function in rnx2rtkp. C, otherwise it will conflict with the external main function

In addition, the compiler must

Modify rtklib. H and add
?Define envelope

#define ENAGAL

#define ENACMP

#define ENAQZS

#define ENAIRN


When the convrnx function finishes executing, exits the dynamic library and returns to the main function, the “run time check failure # – 2 – stack around the variable ‘opt #” pop up in debug mode Is abnormal. The exception does not pop up in release mode. On the network about this exception, the main body thinks that it is caused by memory out of bounds, and the author has not found out opt yet_ The reasons of variable out of bounds will be further studied in the future. “Project – & gt; Configuration properties – & gt; c/c+ ±& gt; Code generation – & gt; The basic runtime check can be changed to the default value.

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