IE8: this operation cannot be completed due to error 80020101

The introduction

Small make up spit bad a few words, today was originally very relaxed, open the list of bugs in the morning, unexpectedly on the 5 bugs, small make up thought it would not be easy to spend good

Is it your day?But who knows in the afternoon, suddenly test that the ledger page directly pop-up error page, simply can not enter ah, small make up immediately into the test

Environment once, no problem! The test said I use IE8, small make up at that time there was no temper, so an afternoon on this IE8 above, do not say is

Tears, here come some dry goods;

Type the above error in the console below IE8: This operation could not be completed due to an error 80020101 < body data-ui-view> <

/body> . There are no errors under Google, firefox, etc

At the beginning, I always thought my script was wrong, so I kept debugging my script. The result is that I do not solve the problem, and then I do

Step into the require.JS source file to track the error, and while monitoring caught a Chinese comment on the page, which made my dead heart burn again

Up, small make up to find the corresponding page will be all above the comment after the elimination of all, the problem was solved. In conclusion, I made a comment in the afternoon

The problem.

Share some ways to solve this problem:

1. Chinese comments on the page (all comments can be eliminated)

2. Js script format:

1) Whether the parentheses correspond one to one
2), if there is any extra punctuation match, for example, the last comma of json object is redundant: {a:’1′, b:’2′,}
3). Comments in JS scripts

3, JS script load order problem

4. Console problem,

The above is still compatible with IE8 helplessness of the painful program ape to provide a few solutions, hoping to save some time for everyone!!

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