RESTORE detected an error on page (0:0) in database

The following error was encountered while the test server was restoring a database on the production server:
System. The Data. SqlClient. SqlError: RESTORE detected an error on the page (0-0) in database “XXXX” as read from the backup set. (Microsoft) is essentially) SmoExtended)
To validate the database Backup (Verfify Backup Media), submitted to the following error:
Backup Media verification failed: XXXXX (Microsoft. Essentially. Management RelationalEngineTasks)
Since the backup file was uploaded from HK with FileConnect, it is possible that intermediate network problems or other factors may cause the backup file to be corrupted, because FileConnect has been used to extract files and find corrupt files. The system administrator has given me a way to verify whether the files obtained from FileConnect are corrupted. First, compress the database backup files, then upload to FileConnect, and then get the compressed files from the database backup from above. If the unzips are normal, the files are not corrupted. During the test, the file was found to be corrupted.


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