Problems in using vs2017

Problems encountered in the use of VS2017. Only take notes, if there is infringement contact delete.
1. The default default.js or.vbs is missing when MFC adds classes to the interface. Microsoft Visual Studio2017\Community\Common7\IDE\VC\VCWizards\CodeWiz\MFC Move on to the great essay.
2. In the process of learning, the problem of “unable to start the program, denied access” suddenly appeared. After searching, it was found that it was because a game was started. After rebooting, it was fine.

3. Create new forms and pass values between forms.
1. Adding a class after adding a form is a good way to create a new form.
Open the new form code:

FileInformation dlg = new FileInformation();

2. Passing values between Windows should pay attention to:
1) use extern keyword to redefine the file in which the function is to be called;
2) Cannot assign initial values to variables.

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