Using GitHub in vs2017

These days, I have encountered some problems in the process of learning related knowledge of GitHub, especially the use of built-in GitHub in VS2017. It would be helpful to record them.
One, making the Extension for Visual Studio
on many CSDN tutorial is directly speak in the heart of the VS2017 project manager, added to the code synchronization, push. You may think that Extension is unnecessary, so you should know it by default. In fact, to use GitHub in VS2017, you must start with the GitHub Extensionan installation. Open the Tools – & gt;

then search and install GitHub Extension for Visual Studio. The image below shows that I have already installed it. I actually need to select and install it from the Online option on the left. After downloading and installing, VS will prompt you to close all VS Windows and restart. After restarting, you can use it without accident.

Of VS2017, making use of the
if you are starting from scratch, in fact, there are a lot of information on the CSDN is can refer to, but I had used a fancy Git Bash, and making the Desktop, and established the multiple libraries in making account (Repository), want to in the existing library to complete the remote Repository (remote: origin) and the link between the local library.
1. First open the Team Explorer -> Manage Connections-> Connect to making

will pop up a interface requirements input lot account password, this is your own. When you successfully log in, your account will receive an email telling you that the third-party plugin is logged into GitHub. Just ignore it.

2>fter login, fill in your User Name, Email, and local library path in Global Settings, then you can go to Connection interface to continue using. Connection Local Git Repository (‘ New ‘, ‘Add’, ‘Clone’); Connection Local Git Repository (‘ Add ‘);

3>nce you have connected the local and remote libraries, you are ready to make changes. This is the same as with Git, except that the UI is integrated into VS. Doublicking on the local library that has changed, such as AlexchongMicrosoft here, will bring you to a more detailed action menu, which those of you who have used GitHub should have a rough idea of what it means.

. This command doesn’t seem to exist in Git. Personally, it means VS and GitHub sync. In practice, it feels like Commit and Push. In addition to ontology synchronization to the remote end, I wonder if there are other commands like pull synchronization from the remote end to the local end. I can try it if I have a chance in the future.

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