Modify the VDI path of VirtualBox on MacOSX, and transfer the virtual machine

Modify the VDI path of Virtualbox on MacOSX, virtual machine migration

Target: Virtual machine hard disk path from




error: Cannot register the hard disk ‘/Volumes/exFat2/XP/XP-30G.vdi’ {c547a9be-4373-4a4a-a0cf-3a6dbb606908} because a hard disk ‘/Volumes/exFat/XP/XP-30G.vdi’ with UUID {c547a9be-4373-4a4a-a0cf-3a6dbb606908} already exists.

return code:





IVirtualBox {0169423f-46b4-cde9-91af-1e9d5b6cd945}

called RC:


solution (OSX/Linux) : 0. Close VirtualBox
1. Copy virtual machine files to other places (generally from /Users/{your user name}/VirtualBox VMs/{virtual machine name}/)
2. Open the command line Terminal

3. Input command:
(Figure below)

1) CD/Applications/VirtualBox. App/Contents/MacOS

2) VBoxManage internalcommands sethduuid /exFat2/XP/ xp-30g. vdi

[note that the path of command 2 is your new target path]

you will see the result of UUID changed to: 77590535-9162-4b2d-8032-11c312042814

4. Reopen VirtualBox
5. Right click, set, store, controller: IDE on the specified virtual machine, click the. Vdi file in the list, find the right side of the virtual hard disk row of the most right icon, click, select a virtual hard disk, modify ok

6. Save and start the virtual machine

The solution (Windows) :

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