Mac Windows partition merge and delete

Before using The MAC bootcamp installed win10 system, used for a period of time, Win10 inexplicable into the card, also do not want to explore why, I plan to re-install the Win10 system.
Itself lz is a MAC, a small white, think in MAC disk tools directly wipe win10 partition, erase and then enter the bootcamp prompted “startup disk cannot be partition or back to a single partition”, that’s just scared (should not erase the Windows partition directly, it should be removed in the bootcamp Windows), online access to the data, to combine erase win10 partition to MAC partition to partition, installation win10, behind will points several ways to analyze:
Situation 1: There is no Recovery HD partition in the computer
1. Open the terminal, type Diskutil List, and find the disk number corresponding to your Windows partition, such as disk0s3.
2. Format the partition as HFS+ format: Diskutil Erasme HFS+ Blank disk0s3, Blank renames the partition for you after formatting
3. Consolidate the newly formatted DISk0s3 partition to MAC (disk0s2) : diskutil mergePartitions to HFS+ MAC disk0s2 disk0S3. Note: The merged partition is in the back
Situation 2: The Recovery HD partition is in the computer
1. Open the terminal and type Diskutil List to find the respective disk Numbers of your Recovery HD partition and Windows partition, such as disk0S3 (Recovery HD disk number) and DISk0S4 (Windows disk number).
2. Format the two partitions as HFS+ format: Diskutil Erasme HFS+ Blank disk0s3, Diskutil Erasme HFS+ Blank1 Disk0s4, Blank reformatting the partition name for you
3. Merge the newly formatted PARTITIONS (DISk0s3 and DISk0s4) into the MAC (disk0s2) partition in turn: diskutil mergePartitions (PARTITIONS) HFS+ MAC disk0s2 disk0s3 and Diskutil Merges3). Note: The merged partition is in the back
The mergepartition merging command must be continuous. For example, your Recovery HD partition is disk0s3, MAC partition is disk0s2 and WIN partition is disk0S4. You can’t combine WIN partition to MAC partition, so you must format the Recovery HD to an IMAGE (this should be the system toolkit). When you click the option at startup, you will see a disk named “Recovery HD-10.11.XX” or a disk named “Recovery -10.11.XX”, which contains system tools such as Time Machine, INSTALLATION OS X, disk tools, terminal, etc.), and then merge them one by one.
Situation 3: The Windows partition that was just erased could not be merged into the MAC partition
1. After wiping out the Win10 partition and The Win10 Recovery, merge the two Win10 related partitions and then merge the MAC partition into the wrong one:
You cannot merge disks into an APFS Physical Store
Instead, you can delete the partitions following the APFS Physical Store by
using “diskutil eraseVolume free n ” for all such partitions, and
then by growing the corresponding APFS Container by its APFS Physical Store
to fill the gap by using “diskutil apfs resizeContainer disk0s2 0”
You can’t merge win10 partition to MAC partition, but you can delete this Win10 partition by diskutil Erasme free n disk0S3 and then passively add the Win10 partition you just deleted to MAC partition by fill the gap with MAC partition. Diskutil Apfs resizeContainer disk0s2 0
Situation 4: LZ is too impulsive to format the MAC partition
It’s not really necessary. If you don’t format the MAC, the above solution is enough. The following is a backup for those who need to do more. You can use the Time Machine to back up your hard drive, preferably one and a half times as much space as your MAC system already USES, and the backup disk needs to be formatted into a MAC specific format to be backed up, and the data on the backup disk needs to be exported. Backup complete will restart some option in the Recovery of HD into the disk tools to MAC partitions are formatted, and then make into the erroneous zone, Recovery HD is a MAC and Windows partition in the middle of the partition, I have no way to combine the three partitions (feeling into an infinite loop, Recovery HD into the terminal cannot be deleted Recovery HD partitions, prompt the Error erasing disk Error number (69888, 0), oneself cannot be deleted, Can only delete) from the outside, also found a homemade Recovery HD U disk, startup disk method, finally found the command + R also can enter and Recovery HD interface (before actually thought they were a thing, actually Recovery HD and command + R is not a thing, no contact), in the command + R can erase Recovery HD partitions, and then to merge several partitions, Then you restored the MAC, reinstalled Win10 using Bootcamp, and everything was back to normal.
Originally very simple things, give me a chance for two minutes to solve the problem of the merger of the partition for three days, I use online solutions are given to solve the small problem, and online comments is in accordance with the article is to solve the problem, I how all won’t work here, the last is their patchwork coupled with a little luck to realize partition processing mode in the MAC, also related to lz easily reshipment system, formatted partition, if you encounter problems or rational analysis, simple to solve it, don’t get a lane, to the extent that is difficult to pick up, laborious. But on the other hand, I’ve made a lot of progress in this way, and I’m not afraid of any problems in the future

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