Solution to the flash back, error report and unexpected exit of idea MAC windows

First of all, let’s talk about the reason why I have this problem
when I use idea, because I am shy in my pocket, I use improper means to crack idea indefinitely, and then because I am stupid and improper operation, idea exits unexpectedly and can’t enter the flash screen
finally, through repeated search on the Internet, the strength of nine cattle and two tigers was wasted, and finally a solution was found. I share it with you here.

The problem is that it appears in the idea. Vmoptions file. For some cracking, you need to add a path to crack the JRE package in this file. The problem appears here.

So the first solution I think of is to find this file, modify it back, or delete it directly
so I found the idea.vmoptions file in the bin directory of the idea installation directory. Then delete it, and the result still doesn’t work.

Then I tried to uninstall the software and reinstall it with another version, which still didn’t work.

This shows that the idea.vmoptions file under the installation package is not the root of the problem

Because every time we start, the file idea.vmoptions in the installation directory is not loaded
instead, the file under C: \ users \ user name \. Intellijidea2018.1 \ config \ plugins
. Mac is located in users/computer user name/library/preferences/intellijidea2019.3
if not, go to if not, go to: application support/JetBrains/intellijidea2020.1 under library /. After finding it, delete it and start the idea again.

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