How to quickly build JavaBean objects through JSON (IntelliJ idea — > gsonformat tutorial)

When docking with a third party, it’s very common for us to return JSON with many parameter fields, so it must take a lot of time for us to manually create JavaBeans. Bloggers have found many tools on the Internet that can automatically generate JavaBeans through JSON. Here’s a brief introduction to the plug-in gsonformat in IntelliJ idea.

1. What is gson format

As plug-in to convert JSON data format to JavaBean object.

2. Shortcut key: Ctrl + Alt + s, or settings — & gt; plugs — & gt; enter gsonformat install plugins

After the installation is completed, restart IntelliJ idea. First, you need a new class file, and then press Alt + insert to select gsonformat, or Alt + s to pop up the box and enter the string data in JSON format.

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