[error] error handling of IntelliJ idea

ClassNotFoundExceptionEmpty test suitejavalangNoClassDefFoundError


Error report:
once IntelliJ idea is running, it will report an error, and no class can be found
in the system java.lang.ClassNotFoundException

open project structures (ALT + Ctrl + Shift + s) to check whether the directory set by project – out and module – path – out exists.
Generally, the module – path – out is set under the target directory, but if there is no target directory at the first run, it must be generated by Maven build, so either change the out path or run Maven build first.

Empty test suite

JUnit running times cannot find the test group
process finished with exit code 1
class not found:“ XXX.XXXTest ”Empty test suite.

Run Maven test and download relevant jar packages


minaserver logger – & gt; error{ ContextLoader.java:336 }-Context initialization failed java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError : Lcom/cebbank/gage/dao/UserDao;

if you want to change the project name, remember to delete all the configuration files (. IML,. Idea, etc.) and leave only the folder and folder of the project code pom.xml File, and then re import the Maven project.

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