[jQuery] jQuery operates on JSON strings or JSON objects


Most of the time, you need to convert a JSON string to a JSON object, and then process it in a loop, or convert a JSON object to a JSON string as a parameter and pass it to the relevant interface. Next, we will introduce several conversion methods

Assume that the JSON string is

Var jsonstr = ‘[{“Id”: 1, “title”: “Zhang San”, “sex”: “male”}, {“Id”: 2, “title”: “Li Si”, “sex”: “male”}]’;

Assume that the JSON object is

Var jsonobj = [
“Id”: 1,
“title”: “Zhang San”,
“sex”: “male”
“Id”: 2,
“title”: “Li Si”,
“sex”: “male”

1、 Convert JSON string to JSON array object


var jsonObj = eval('(' + jsonStr + ')');


var jsonObj = JSON.parse(jsonStr);


var jsonObj = JSON.parse(jsonStr);

2、 Convert JSON object to JSON string

JSON.stringify ()

var jsonStr = JSON.stringify(jsonObj);

3、 Loop JSON object

for (var i = 0; i < jsonObj.length; i++) {

    var name= jsonObj[i].Title;



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