Visual studio 2012, a complete collection of solutions to flash back windows after running

Visual Studio 2012, flash back window after the solution of operation

I believe you all have a kind of want to beat the rhythm of the person, every time to write the code, after the code is written, run the compiled code but the result of window flashback, below, I will introduce several solutions to Visual Studio 2012 run window flashback method. I hope I can help you solve this problem.
Method 1: Press Ctrl +F5 to run the program, and then run the program.
This method is only to solve the general flash back, rookie level novice if there is a flash back, might as well try this method, Xiaobian when just contact VS, is to use this method to solve.
//add system(“pause”) before Main’s returrn = 0;
This method can solve most of the flashback problem, of course, some more advanced, Xiaobian temporarily do not know whether this method has any effect, and so on later contact will be constantly updated.
Method 3: Use getchar() before return. This method can also solve the flashback problem, but you have to try it out slowly.
Method 4: Flashback will occur when an exception is encountered. To solve this problem, it is generally necessary to check the various plug-ins of VS itself, which may be caused by the expiration of plug-ins.
Method 5: you can try to set the debugging type to native or mixed only, this method is not always effective, the specific effective Xiaobian has not found the result, know the dear friends can also reply.
Inline void keep_window_open(char ch; cin> > ch;) , then add keep_Window_open() to the end of the mian function; This method is the most effective and the most commonly used, and the most effective method. (Recommended)
Method 7: Set breakpoint debugging method, press F9 to set breakpoint, press F10 to step debugging. This method is also very effective in finding errors.

The above is a summary of the solution to VS2012 flashback method, there are mistakes please point out, Xiaobian in this thank you. Of course, if there are other ways to reply, so that more latecomers can see, no longer bothered by the problem. Thanks for the flowers

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