Solutions to problems in SAS 9.3 x64 importing and exporting Excel


SAS 9.3 x64 import and export Excel problems solution

you should use BBS search, actually has given a solution in the following link goto=findpost& ptid=1417110& pid=12754566& from^^uid=50 goto=findpost& ptid=1417110& pid=12754704& From ^^uid=50

actually, the problem is SAS x64 version (including 9.2 and 9.3), which is not the case in SAS 9.3 x86.

SAS9.3 64 software cannot import Excel file, is the cause of import SAS software like Microsoft Office software of Excel and Access files,
is use Microsoft company provides data interface engine (Access database engine), if the Office software installation, data interface engine
will be installed at the same time, but is generally installed the 32-bit data interface engine, SAS software for 64, The Proc import program cannot borrow the 32-bit data interface engine of
Office, so it cannot import Excel and Access files. The following error occurs:

Error: Connect: Class not registered
Error: Error in the Libname statement

the solution is to download the Accessdatabaseengine_x64 program provided by Microsoft. The download address is as follows: =13255

if it cannot be installed after downloading, it is because the 32-bit Accessdatabaseengine is already installed on this machine and should be uninstalled before installing.

problem solution, see the SAS online support document:

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