Error: MySQL shutdown unexpectedly

Reproduced in:
XAMPP, which was just installed yesterday, has been tested and MYSQL can be started. Then today when I was running XAMPP, I suddenly realized that MYSQL couldn’t start.

Use the administrator to start the command line, enter net Start mysql, also did not succeed, the prompt message is
The service name is not valid. Please type NET HELPING 2185 for more help
1. Add one in mysql/bin/my.ini file:
innodb_force_recovery = 4

2. Delete the IBDATa1 file under xAMPP \mysql\ Data
3. Start the command line with the administrator, enter the bin directory of mysql, and input
Mysqld –install, enter,
1. Service Successfully Installed,
Indicates successful installation of MySQL service.
Command line window input: Net Start mysql, can start normally.
The procedure is this procedure but I have already succeeded in this screenshot, so it is a little different from what I said.

The mysql service should start without any problems.
4. Or restart the command line with the administrator and reinstall XAMPP
Enter SC DELETE mysql
Remove mysql service
Reinstall XAMPP
You can use it normally

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