[solution] install youcompleteme through VIM plug-in manager VIM plug, including ycmd server shutdown solution

Reference article:
take you step by step to install the most difficult VIM plug-in in history: youcompleteme
VIM plug-in: minimalist VIM plug-in manager

Installation method

    install VIM
    sudo apt get install VIM edit vimrc
    first add VIM ~ /. Vimrc
    at the top:
    call plug#begin (‘~ /. VIM/plugged’)
    plug ‘valloric/youcompleteme’
    call plug#end() to install VIM plug and install youcompleteme through plugged

    Input: curl – flo ~ /. VIM/autoload at the terminal/ plug.vim –create-dirs https://raw.githubusercontent.com/junegunn/vim-plug/master/plug.vim Open VIM
    Enter “: source ~ /. Vimrc” at the command line
    Enter “: pluginstall” at the command line to install youcompleteme, which takes a long time. Please wait patiently for YCM to be compiled and installed_ core
    mkdir ~/.ycm_ build
    cd ~/.ycm_ build
    cmake -G “Unix Makefiles” . ~/.vim/plugged/YouCompleteMe/third_ party/ycmd/cpp
    cmake –build . –target ycm_ core –config Release

Supplement: VIM prompts the debugging method of the ycmd server shut down:

Select log through ycmtogglelogs to view errors

For example, the solution of no module named watchdog: PIP3 install watchdog

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