After installing MySQL again under Linux, the solution of ‘MySQL module failed to start’ appears

had previously installed Mysql database on CentOS 6.4 and wanted to upgrade to a newer version so I updated the database. However, after reinstallation, run: service mysqld start to restart the database will always appear with the following prompt:

MySQL Daemon failed to start.
Starting mysqld: [failed]

Hint for

. If direct input mysql – root – p landing will appear (HY000)/mysql ERROR 2002: Can ‘t connect to local mysql server through socket’/var/lib/mysql/mysql. The sock ‘(2) errors. In general, the MySql server always fails to start. Many of the solutions offered online have not worked. Finally, the solution is as follows:

runs the following command:

 rm -fr /var/lib/mysql/*
rm /var/lock/subsys/mysqld 
 killall mysqld

service mysqld restart

then run service mysqld start to launch mysql as shown in the figure below:

then run: service mysqld start

/etc/rc. D/init. D/mysqld status

view the database state as follows

found that the database is working properly problem solved.

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