Solr 4.0 SolrException: Error opening new searcher problem solution

Encounter this kind of problem, very tricky, especially when the design to the index file is very large, this kind of problem, is caused by index corruption.
Check out lucene’s official documentation and see that Lucene actually provides indexing repair and checking tools. The specific usage is as follows.
Java – cp/solr/lucene/lucene – core – 4.0. Jar org.. Apache lucene. But CheckIndex/solr/core0/data/index – fix
The CheckIndex has other parameters to check out its Help
Note that when you use CheckIndex, you must ensure that the index is not being used and written at this time.
If you run this tool, a Java. IO. FileNotFoundException core0/data/index/_1tgo. Si, this type of mistake, you can use a skill, copy a file of the same suffix, to rename the file, make the repair can proceed.

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