An error is reported after Android studio creates a new virtual machine. Emulator: emulator: error: unknown AVD name

Background: after Android studio is installed, a new virtual machine is created, and then it runs normally for the first time, and then it runs with two errors:
1. Emulator: emulator: error: unknown AVD name, use – list avds to see valid list.
2. Emulator: process finished with exit code 1
search the Internet for the problem, and find the following solution: save a note.
Original source:
Open AVD manager, or you can find

in the menu bar tools, and then click Show on disk in the inverted triangle on the right

the picture is from the original blog Then jump to the folder of your virtual machine and copy the previous path. Take the original blog map as an example:
* * C: (users/administrator) \ *
just use the previous path (all the previous paths of Android include “\”)

and then go to Android in the computer environment variable_ SDK_ Under home

* add Android_ SDK_ The value of the home variable is changed to the path that was copied just now, C:: Restart Android studio!!
Thank you again for understanding Android_ SDK_ Environment variable of home!
Please contact me to delete it.

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