[problem record] installed build tools revision 31.0.0 is broken during Android studio compilation

Error: * * build tool 31.0.0 is missing DX at XXXX (SDK installation address) * * the same error as the title


do not use the latest build tools, uninstall the latest packaging tool

Use a different version of build tools instead

Step 1: set up the SDK manager

The setting method is as follows:

    in the top column, select toolsdkmanager, remove the check of Android API 31 and apply SDK platforms as needed, such as Android 11.0 ®, And apply

    The completion result is shown in the figure:

    The second step is to set up the build.gradle file

    1、 Open the build.gradle file in the location shown in the figure
    note: the second build.gradle file opens here. When the mouse is over, module: modulename.app displays

    2、 Modify the contents of the build.gradle file as shown in the figure

    PS: find the SDK version number used by the current simulator

    The current simulator uses the SDK version, which can be viewed by clicking AVD manager in the upper right corner

    or after modifying targetsdkversion, directly click sync and modify it according to the corresponding warning information.

    reference resources:

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