Windows solution enabled visdom.server Slow and blank blue screen (no navigation bar)

Windows resolves enabling visdom.server slow and blank blue screen (no navigation bar)

ke a little while <>ode>take a little while take a little while The solution is as follows:
visdomrectory (.> \ [local] Anaconda3 \ Lib \ site - packages \ visdom ), open the inside of the server. Py file, directly turn to find the file last download_scripts_and_run () , will be one of the download_scripts () commented out, as follows:

then you can start quickly but also have the port, but after the browser is "blue screen", there is no navigation, the diagram below:

to see the process in the CMD, said error Could not open the static file , illustrate the static missing some necessary documents can't find it in the

then only need to put the missing file up the line. Here for everybody, you just need to put the visdom in the static replace the static .
extraction code: li1w
python-m visdom.server/ code>>

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