Solution of visdom enabling problem

When enabling visdom.server, stop in the M.E. scripts.It might take a while before an error is reported after a long interval.
The reason for this is that during the process of downloading part of the script, some websites were not accessible (maybe because of overseas websites or firewall block). The reason is unclear.
Solution: Comment the download_scripts() function call in visdom/ The exact location of the visdom/ file may vary. But you’re using the Python directory. For example, mine under this path:


You can sudo gedit or su root, enter the root password, and then gedit Once opened, you can go directly to the end of the file to find download_scripts_and_run() and comment out the download_scripts().
Enable visdom.server at this point and it will not get stuck in the previous problem. However, the download_scripts are commented out and some of the parts required for the front end are not working properly.
When you open localhost:8097, the page is blank (all blue) and there is no navigation bar as shown in the following image:

Cause: Viewing terminal will receive a 404 alert indicating that the page is not displaying properly due to some missing part.

    tried online some change in the static index. The HTML file content method, solve the problem. Try manually downloading the missing file. Look for the URL in the download_scripts function of from the previous operation. And compare the existing files of JS, CSS and Font files under visdom/static to download the missing files. The following is a list of the completed file directories. Click to download the missing files.


Website image:

Here are two examples of web sites for reference:[email protected]/dist/jquery.min.js with %b
With % bb url (must be in the middle add [email protected]/dist /) :[email protected]/dist/[email protected]
Some can be downloaded directly and some URL is open source format, you can copy to a text document, and then change the rename change format.
Note: Fonts/Glyphicons – Halflings-Regular. SVG did not download successfully, but it does not seem to affect the use of Visdom.

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