OpenGL result white screen solution

Recently, the graphics department is doing computer experiment, and it needs to use OpenGL experimental operation, but my computer is not good enough.
Cannot display the correct result, each time is a white screen, can not display the desired result.
1. Problem: OpenGL is white
2. Environment: Win7 system, 64-bit. The model is Acer E1-571G, and the graphics card is Intel + Nvidia 710M 2G, VC6.0 and VS2008.
3, solution: enter the NVIDIA control panel (my computer directly desktop anti-key has), as shown in the picture global Settings to select high performance, application. Perfect solution, (*^__^*) Hee hee…

4, thinking: this setting should be the meaning of shielding set only open alone show, it should consume more power. So I tinkered with this control panel,
Here is a program setting, select Custom Settings, results… Useless, alas, forget it, solve good, first like this.
Have same problem to be able to refer to.

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