How to Fix “Slow Access of Stackoverflow” Issue

1. Use the public free DNS server to find StackOverflow IP.
Provide free public DNS server (IP address and respectively) to provide domain name resolution service for the public.
CMD input instruction

nslookup -vc

2. Verify IP availability


It is ok to see that the corresponding time is only 323ms
3. Add IP to host
CD C: \ Windows \ System32 \ drivers \ etc. Administrator privileges to open Host
Update THE DNS map for StackOverflow
4. Solve stackoverflow jquery.min.js loading slow problem
Update the IP in the host file

It can be opened not because it is loaded in jquery.min.js, but because the HTTPS certificate causes the request handshake to fail, so it is opened without pending.
5. Refresh host.cMD refresh DNS

Run the ipconfig /flushdns command to refresh the dns.

and the way to install plug-ins for Chrome

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