Solution of visdom startup failure in Windows 10

Task description
Recently collected a batch of data, want to call Cyclegan to complete the domain migration to see the effect. So I found the open source Cyclegan code on the Internet, the code can run normally, but the call to Visidom will always show an Error: HTTP Error. So record the process of my solution
Start the visdom

python -m visdom.server

Calling CMD to start visdom.server but the code will get stuck, stuck in downloading the script
To solve the caton
The reason is that the file is difficult to download. Here’s how to solve it
Find the location of the Visidom package in the current environment, roughly: ~\Lib\site-packages\visdom Open and look for download_scripts and comment this line so that download_scripts() is not executed
After this operation, and then start Visidom, the model will run smoothly, and no exception thrown. But there is a problem, open the page blue screen.
To solve the blue screen
The reason for the blue screen is that it does not download properly. The solution here refers to two articles, both of which are cited in the following references
Into local visdom in static files, there is a index. The HTML files, the backup download reference (2) in the index. The HTML files, to replace the current folder has the backup index. The restart visdom HTML files, open the page, the question remains, to be the next step will be the backup of the original index. The HTML to replace the current index. The HTML restart visdom, problem solving
reference %85%B6%E8%A7%A3%E5%86%B3%E6%96%B9%E6%A1%88
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