The solution of default boot device missing or boot failed appears on the blue screen of Lenovo xiaoxinchao 7000

recently bought lenovo small new tide 7000 notebook has a boot blue screen fault, the symptoms are as follows:


1 restore the BIOS default Settings and set the hard disk as the first boot entry.

BIOS:Basic Input Output System.

it is a set of solidified computer motherboard on a 0 1 ROM3 chip 4 7 program 7 program 7 program 9, It saves the specific information from CMOS system Settings the most important basic input and output program , after boot self-check program and system self-start program. The primary function of is to provide the lowest level, most direct hardware setup and control for the computer. The BIOS is the first program that is loaded when a PC is booted up.

press Fn+F2 to enter the BIOS setting interface.

switch to BOOT, if the hard disk is successfully detected and there is an EFI BOOT program, then congratulations you are done, reboot and you can BOOT normally.

if the hard disk cannot be detected, it means that the EFI boot partition of the system has been deleted, and the computer files can only be backed up out, then the hard disk is formatted and the system is reinstalled.

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