Windows 10 critical_service_failed solution

The computer sound card seems to be broken and will not sound when you plug in the USB sound card and restart it
First of all, turn it on
After an error message is sent, the system will collect information and start it again. After repeated for two times, the repair program will be started.
At this point, select Troubleshooter – Advanced Options – Startup Settings – Restart
After restarting, press the numeric key 7 or F7 – select disable driver mandatory signature
It can be turned on normally
Disable driver signature completely
Steps are as follows:
1, in the right click on start button, select “command prompt (administrator)”
2, execute the following command (copy, click the right mouse button in the command prompt to complete paste, then press the enter key) :
bcdedit. Exe/set nointegritychecks on
3, command, instantaneous has been completed to restore the default validation, execute the following command:
bcdedit.exe /set nointegritychecks off
4, and with the command line to close the signature, first shutdown (note is not restart), and then start again, you do not need to press F7 to disable

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