Solution to x service error when installing NVIDIA graphics driver under Ubuntu

Solutions to “You Appear to be running an X Server “:

During the installation process appeared the question, I’m just saw tutorial ( = w – jxqF6FpNQ_FV – _r_kK7T9TZbo7VNxmtkTTf1iHH4m9kERbpyOdyZZi8tWPL_zxpKAGNbEEgIc0hy0nMuH9V – razBlXnLZEDUyDgqK47qm) also mentioned that, I didn’t solve according to his method, and then search abroad a great spirit of the solution:

Hit CTRL+ALT+F1 and login using your credentials. Kill your current X server session by typingsudo service lightdm stop or sudo stop lightdm Enter runlevel 3 by Typing sudo init 3 and install your *. The run file. You took a be required to reboot the when the installation finishes. If not, sudo service start lightdm or sudo start lightdm to start your X server again.

First go to NVIDIA official website to download the driver file (.run format)
1. Press CTRL+ALT+F1 to enter the command line
2. Sudo Service LightDM Stop or SUdo stop lightDM
3. The sudo init 3
4. Install the driver: # : sudo./ // Execute the NVIDIA driver under the current directory
5. Follow the instructions to reboot. Sudo Reboot

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