Vue Import Baidu map error: BMap is not defined, eslint BMap reports an error

When the mounted map is initialized, BMap is not defined due to asynchronous issues, that is, the map has been initialized before Baidu’s api is fully introduced or loaded.


1. Create a map.js

export function MP(ak) {
   return  new Promise( function (resolve, reject) {
    window.init = function () {
    var script = document.createElement('script' )
    script.type ='text/javascript' 
    script.src = `http: //${ak}&callback=init` 
    script.onerror = reject

2. Reference in the .vue file 

import {MP} from'../map.js'

3. Initialize in the mounted function

   this .$nextTick(() => {
      const _this = this 
      MP(_this.ak).then(BMap => {

Undefined BMap in map.js will report an error



Make a global declaration in eslintrc.js

  globals: {
    BMap: true 


 That’s it~~

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