How to Solve Error: Missing type map configuration or unsupported mapping

Error: Missing type map configuration or unsupported mapping

□ Background

When saving the View Model into Domain Model, an error occurred in AutoMapper.


□ Analysis

1. A mapping has been established in the Profile class derived from AutoMapper:
Mapper.CreateMap<SomeDomainModel, SomeViewModel>();


2. The classes derived from Profile have also been initialized:

    public  static  class AutoMapperConfiguration
        public  static  void Configure()
            Mapper.Initialize(x => x.AddProfile<SomeProfile>());

3. Also registered in the global:

        protected  void Application_Start()
            //Configuration mapping

4. The unit test also passed:

    public  class AutoMapperConfigurationTester
        public  void TestMethod1()

□ Solution

When actually mapping, replace AutoMapper.Mapper.Map<Source, Destination> with AutoMapper.Mapper.DynamicMap<Source, Destination>

DomainModel someDomainModel = AutoMapper.Mapper.Map<ViewModel, DomainModel>(someViewModel);

Change to:

DomainModel someDomainModel = AutoMapper.Mapper.DynamicMap<ViewModel, DomainModel>(someViewModel);    

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