[pit filling] problem summary of upgrading VS2010 project to vs2017

1, VS2010 MFC project upgrade to VS2017, open the resource file (open the RC file or open the resource view), resulting in VS software stuck.
2. Upgrade the VS2010 MFC project to VS2017, open the class wizard, resulting in VS software stuck.
1. Backup platform toolset (properties ->; Conventional – & gt; Platform toolset) to Visual Studio 2010(V100)
2, reset the solution goal, select the latest SDK version and the latest toolset

1, can be deleted. Vs file folder (configuration) new beginning.
2, you can delete suo file, this is the old version of the configuration file
Other questions:
1 turn, Vs2010 project Vs2017 problem summary

2, explore https://blog.csdn.net/myruo/article/details/79277817 Visual Studio generated. Vs folders internal structure and function of the
3, in the Visual Studio. Suo (Solution The User Options) file

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