UE4 cannot save the asset. The asset uasset failed to save

sometimes, in The middle of development, it is suddenly found that some resources cannot be saved, The asset uasset fails to save… Such as tip

The asset ‘/Game/xxx/xxx/xxx’ (xxx.uasset) failed to save.

Cancel: Stop saving all assets and return to the editor.

Retry: Attempt to save the asset again.

Continue: Skip saving this asset only.

The following assets failed to save correctly:

there are many solutions on the Internet, but it turns out that UE4 with the same project to create

at this point your UE4 may only have one open, but it’s still reporting an error because the UE4 background is still stealing…

opens task manager – background process

and then you’ll notice that there’s a UE4 process running, click on it, and finish the task

back to the current project, you can save (UE4 remaining bugs)

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