Ubuntu18 “Activation of network connection failed” cannot access the Internet 【Solution】

Ubuntu18 “Activation of Network Connection Failed “cannot connect to the Internet [Solution]
System environment: Windows 10 and Ubuntu18.04 dual systems
Activation of network connection failed. The Activation of network connection failed was reported by Ubuntu18.04 today. The Activation of network connection failed.
Plug in the wireless card, the wireless card can surf the Internet normally.
computer to Win10 environment, wired can be normal Internet. Explain the hardware is good. The problem is only the driver, or network card configuration problem.
The Internet tried all kinds of solutions, including computer rebooting, router rebooting and so on, to no avail.
Finally, the computer shuts down. Let it sit for a few minutes, then turn it on, and Ubuntu18 will be able to surf the web normally.
Ha ha, solution: computer shut down, and then wait to start . It’s amazing.
February 5, 2020 sijing, Shanghai

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