Solution summary of VMware network card without IP and failure to start network card (continuous update)

-Virtual machine

    enter the IP a command, check the MAC address of link/ether, check whether this value is consistent with the hwaddr of/etc/sysconfig/network scripts/[corresponding network card], set the onboot of virtual machine/etc/sysconfig/network scripts/[corresponding network card] to yes, such as VI/etc/sysconfig/network scripts/ifcfg-ens33 , and then restart network systemctl Restart network systemctl stop NetworkManager systemctl disable NetworkManager systemctl restart network close NetworkManager and restart network


      if the host can not Ping the virtual machine, check whether the VMware network adapter 1 (corresponding to bridge mode) or VMware network adapter 8 (corresponding to NAT mode) network card is enabled in windows, if it is enabled, check whether the IP of the network card is in the same network segment as the virtual machine. For example, the IP of virtual machine is, while the IP of VMware network adapter 8 is, which means that Ping is not available. Just change the IP of VMware network adapter 8 to, and windows related VMware services are not started. Win + R running services.msc Open [service], and open the related services

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