Wireless network solution of deepin Linux network card driver (manual) installation

thoroughly solve the deepin Linux wireless network problem, manually install their own network card driver:

1. Enter the terminal, type LSPCI and look at my wireless card. Mine is RTL8723BE.
then use another computer to the Internet, to https://github.com/lwfinger/rtlwifi_new, the above with Realtek almost a full range of Linux drivers.

2. Click the Clone or Download button on the right and select Download ZIP.

3. Copy the downloaded ZIP file back to the dead computer on the wireless network, right-click, select unzip to the current folder. A folder called RTLwifi_new-master appears under the current folder.

4. Enter the rTLWifi_new-master folder, press the right mouse button, select open in the terminal, and enter the terminal command line mode in this directory.

5. Type the following command:
sudo make install
sudo modprobe rtl8723be

6. Restart and the wireless network is finally back.

must first determine the computer’s network card, find the corresponding driver on the network download to the computer (think of their own way). Put the driver file into the corresponding folder directory of the system disk, after unzipping, enter the folder, right-click and select “open in the terminal”. After entering the terminal, type the command in step 5 and it will complete automatically. After the operation, restart the computer, you can see the computer has a wireless chart, the next operation, complete by yourself…


Linux to view network card driver and version information :
to view network card manufacturers and signals
1. View basic information: lspci
2. View details: lspci-vvv # 3 lowercase v
3. View network card information: lspci | grep Ethernet

view network card driver
view network card driver information: lspci-vvv # find the network card device details, including the network card driver

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