The spring boot project was first created, pom.xml The error is Maven configuration problem. How to solve it?

An error screenshot

The solution is
Will & lt; parent> Version of the change to 1.0 version, will not report wrong.
According to Baidu, many users say that the version of Maven package is too low, and the version of spring tool suit is too high.
However, my Spring Tool Suit version 4.0, the Maven package version 3.6, and the JDK version 1.8 should match each other, but it still doesn’t work.
Inadvertently, such as screenshot modification, did not report an error, the reason is unknown, who can tell me, solve.
The answer

    what went wrong: Maven plug-in version is not compatible with the Eclipse solution: to pom configuration file. The XML add & lt; maven-jar-plugin.version> 3.1.1 & lt; /maven-jar-plugin.version> With respect to OK & lt; properties> & lt; java.version> 1.8 & lt; /java.version> & lt; spring-cloud.version> Greenwich.SR1< /spring-cloud.version> & lt; maven-jar-plugin.version> 3.1.1 & lt; /maven-jar-plugin.version> < /properties>


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