Error in pom.xml file of sub module of Maven aggregation project

Today, when writing a sub module of a project, I found that the pom.xml of the sub module has been reporting errors. I checked that the jar package in the warehouse has been successfully downloaded. Other reasons have been eliminated, but I can’t find the reason. So Baidu searched for a method useful for my project (the development tool is eclipse). First, select the parent project of the aggregation project, right-click – run as – maven clean
then, after running successfully, you can see a build success message on the console
. Then, right-click – run as – Maven install

again, After running successfully, you can see that the console also has a build success message

finally, right click the parent project – maven – update project, and the error of pom.xml of the child project is successfully solved

reference website: 42428357/article/details/82014472

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