Spring boot problem 1: error reporting life processing instructions for building a spring boot project

Operating environment

System: Windows 10


Development tool: Eclipse 4.6

Springboot version: 1.5.3

Build tool: Maven

Problems and their background

At the beginning of learning to build a spring boot project, the problems encountered.

After creating a new Maven project, add the pom.xml The file reported an error when adding the parent node (the content is as follows).

<groupId> org.springframework.boot&lt ;/groupId>

The error information is as follows:

Error parsing lifecycle processing instructions

terms of settlement

According to the search results, two ideas are found

1. It is said that there is a problem with this version of eclipse, and the Maven plug-in needs to be updated.

2. It is said that there is a dependency conflict. You can clear the Maven warehouse and update it again.

The first method was tried, but it didn’t solve the problem. So we tried the second method to clear all the dependencies under. M2/repository/in the user’s home directory. Then, in eclipse, right-click the project — & gt; Maven — & gt; update project. After waiting for the update to complete, the error disappears automatically.

Error picture information:

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