It is invalid to submit the content directly after pasting it on the mobile terminal of Vue HTML5 editor

Modify the source code vue-html5-editor.js

open this file, search for contenteditable, add id = “container”

and then search for Keyup
comment code

 // content.addEventListener('keyup', function () {
 //     this$1.$emit('change', content.innerHTML);
 //     this$1.saveCurrentRange();
 // }, false);

Add code

const handleListenChange = (mutationsList, observer) => {
 this$1.$emit('change', content.innerHTML);
const mutationObserver = new MutationObserver(handleListenChange)
const element = document.querySelector('#container')
const options = {
 attributes: true,
 childList: true,
 subtree: true,
 characterData: true

It’s like this on the whole

I’ve looked at others and modified it myself. This question is more detailed than that of the blogger. Link to attach. If you have any other questions, take a look
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