When installing software in Ubuntu, it prompts: E: You don’t have enough free space in /var/cache/apt/archives/.

There is not enough free space in/var/cache/apt/Archives /. The tips are as follows:

/The files in var/cache/apt/Archives folder are the installation files downloaded when using sudo apt get install appName. These files can be cleaned up. If you are short of system space, you can think of cleaning up from here to get space. The files under my computer are as follows:

[email protected] :~/linuxidc.com$ cd /var/cache/apt/archives
[email protected] :/var/cache/apt/archives$ ls

The cleaning method is simple:

[email protected] :/var/cache/apt/archives$ sudo apt-get clean
[sudo] password for linuxidc:

When you look again, *. DEB file does not exist

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