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Unity Error:InvalidCastException: Cannot cast from source type to destination type.

when I use system.data.dll to parse excel table; Encountered this error:

wrong positioning:
this is an excel problem; The error is reported in: excel reader. Asdataset() is due to the problem of Excel format;

you can solve this problem by setting the cell format as text in Excel table;

Reference website:
Yusong Momo cross platform analysis Excel

error CS0234: The type or namespace name ‘UI‘ does not exist in the namespace ‘UnityEngine‘

1. After opening the project, an error is reported: error cs0234: the type or namespace name ‘UI’ doors not exist in the namespace ‘unityengine’

2. Solution: close untiy, delete the Library folder, and then reopen the project

[1] Close the project and delete the folder library. The location is as follows:

[2] . reopen the project and unity will automatically rebuild the relevant DLL

How to Solve cocos2dx msb3073 Error

Solve cocos2dx 3.17 error msb3073:: vcend “has exited, the code is 9009 and an error is reported

For example, if the dill function appears, and the msb3073 code is 9009 or 4, the error
and the libcurl file cannot be connected appear at the same time, or the error
msb3073 code is 9009, the command xcopy/Y/Q and if not exist will be prompted (your project path)
the solution is as follows (try one by one) :
1. Change the Cocos environment path from Chinese to English or the project path from Chinese to all citations
2. Confirm that your environment variables are set correctly and that pyhton and cocos environment variables are
3. If none of the above methods can be solved, your problem should be the same as me. If you reinstall the system or newly install the system, in the path of the environment variable Adding C:\windows\system32 should be able to solve the problem, because you may have deleted the environment variable path by mistake, resulting in file replication failure. Add the following files in sequence:% systemroot%\system32;% systemroot%;% systemroot%\system32\WBEM;% systemroot%\system32\windowspowershell\v1.0;
as shown in the figure

Unity reports an error cs0619: ‘guitexture’ is obsolete

Unit reports an error when loading an old version of the project: unit reports an error assets \ standard assets \ utility \ forcedreset. CS (6,27): error cs0619: ‘guitexture’ is obsolete:

The solution is as follows:

1、 Forcedreset.cs

1. Add the namespace
using unityengine.ui;

2. The guitexture in [requirecomponent (typeof (guitexture))] is changed to image, and the result is: [requirecomponent (typeof (image))]

2、 Simpleactivatormenu.cs

1. Add the namespace
using unityengine.ui;

2. Change guitext in public guitext camswitchbutton to text, and the result is:
public text camswitchbutton;

Unreal4 C++ error guidelines


I believe that students are now starting to use C++ development method to complete some functions or try to understand the internal application process of UnrealEngine4, the process is naturally indispensable
Self packaged C++ dealing.

Of course, C++ with UnrealEngine4 must be complied with
UE4 engineering
Rules such as the entire project configuration are basically done using the [NMaker] configuration. You need to compile the [UnrealHeaderTool] tool before compiling the code
UnrealHeaderTool to compile our own projects. Of course, the entire build process was compiled as for UnrealEngine3 using the command line (to address both platform expansion and IDE decoupling). The various \UnrealEngine\Engine\Build\ files \ folders under the BatchFiles start calling each other during the entire compilation of Windows… (Well, usually we don’t care.)

since the UnrealEngine4 has its own rules, the more problems we run into in the process of updating the UnrealEngine4. The following is a collection of problems I encountered to share with you, I hope you can quickly solve the problem, less detours.

1. compile when the following 2 errors occur, please do not question whether the UnrealEngine4 engine compilation tool has a problem or the automatically generated project configuration has a problem, there is only one problem is their own code has a problem. As follows:

EXEC: error: Failed to generate code for XXXX (XXXX is the name of our project)
The and

EXEC: error: UnrealHeaderTool failed for target ‘PandaEditor’ (platform: Win64, module info: C: \ Users \ User \ Documents \ UnrealProjects/Panda/Intermediate/Build \ Win64 \ PandaEditor \ Development

this error resolution: check the.h file for cross-references to header files. If you do need to refer to each other, try [+class] before your class name and then refer to header files in.cpP.


of course this error is
[UnrealHeaderTool] error detection is not strong enough to accurately prompt for compilation errors, and many problems can cause this. If you find [EXEC: error: Failed to generate code for XX], please check the code carefully