Syntax Error: Error: Node Sass version 6.0.1 is incompatible with ^4.0.0.

Problem: version correspondence

    uninstall node sass

    npm uninstall node-sass
      install version 4.14.1

      npm install [email protected]
        network problems may occur during installation. Taobao image can be used. It is recommended to use the following methods. It is not recommended to permanently use Taobao image
        single use

        npm install --registry=
          if you still cannot install, you can find the corresponding version number in the package.json file and modify it directly. The version number I use here is
          node sass: 4.14.1
          sass loader: 7.1.3
          generally, the idea will remind the update dependency in the lower right corner, otherwise the node will be deleted directly_ Download the modules folder again

          Reference link 1
          reference link 2

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