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[vue/no-parsing-error]Parsing error: control-character-in-input-stream.eslint-plugin-vue

Problem background:

Similar to the figure below, the label is clearly closed, but still red.

  solve the problem:

In fact, there are no errors in the code. For example, after using the element UI or iView framework, you will find that some parts of vs code will automatically mark red wavy lines,  

In fact, it is a syntax check problem for vuter. You only need to add it in setting.json  

“vetur.validation.template”: false

Setting method:



Create xxx.vue file with vscode, add comments and report error

Create xxx.vue file with vscode, add comments and report error

Create a. Vue file

When we use vscode to create. Vue files, we need to install relevant plug-ins that support Vue, such as vetur

    after installing the plug-in,
    there will be an error in adding comments. This should be due to some conflict in the installed plug-in. To solve the error in adding comments, you can add a div tag to the template tag, that is

The vscode installation plug-in liveserver specified browser reported an error and could not be found

Problem Description:

After installing vscode, you do not want to use the default IE browser. You want to specify chrome or Firefox, but install the plug-in lever server or other browser plug-ins. When specifying the default browser, windows reports an error and cannot find chrome or Firefox
after reading many posted on the Internet, they are configured in settings.json. After personal practice, they have no effect. Later, after their own exploration, they found that the plug-in can’t find your chrome or Firefox. It’s not that you haven’t installed it on your computer, let alone on disk C; But because when a plug-in such as lever server specifies a browser, the windows system will find the installation directory of the software according to the system variables.

terms of settlement:

1. Open the control panel of the computer – & gt; System and security —– & gt; System
2. Open advanced system settings, click environment variables, system variables, and add a new variable named path: D: \ Kiki \ Mozilla Firefox
this directory is the directory where your Google or Firefox exe files are located
3. After configuring environment variables and saving, restart vscode

After Vue is packaged, a blank page appears, an error is reported in the resource request, and there is no error handling scheme

1、 A blank page appears and an error is reported

        Scheme I:

                 1: The path of JS and CSS resources is incorrect

                 Solution: add assetspublicpath in config/index.js: ‘/’   Change to assetspublicpath: ‘. /’  

                 2: Error in background image in CSS

                 Solution: add a line of code in build/utils.js   publicPath:’../../’  

        Scheme 2: some people may create Vue basic projects through hbuilder. There are no files in scheme 1 in the directory. Then you can try the scheme at this time. It’s easy to use on my side. I’m not sure everyone is effective.

                Solution: create the vue.config.js file in the project root directory


  The contents of the document are as follows:

module.exports = {
    publicPath : './'

2、 Blank page, no resource error

        At this time, the problem may be caused by the routing mode

  history :

The new pushstate () and replacestate () methods in HTML5 history interface are utilized. (specific browser support is required) these two methods are applied to the browser’s history stack. On the basis of the existing back, forward and go, they provide the function of modifying the history. Only when they perform modification, although the current URL is changed, the browser will not immediately send a request to the back end.


The default route of Vue is hash mode. You can modify it to hash. Or directly comment out mode: ‘history’,

Conclusion: the above is the relevant information I know. If any boss knows other questions, you can leave a message and learn together.


Error: listen EADDRNOTAVAIL: address not available

Error: listen eaddnotavail: address not available will appear when NPM run dev is running. This error is caused by the dynamic change of the local IP and the difference between the two IP addresses,

open the config folder, find the index.js file, and change the host: '' to host: 'localhost', host: ''

Duplicate keys detected: ‘***‘. This may cause an update error

Encountered while developing Vue project    Duplicate keys detected: ’13’. This may cause an update error. This error will not affect the page display, but will always be printed on the console. As shown in the figure  


Error reason: the key value set during V-for loop is not unique. As shown in the figure  


The key that sets the V-for loop is unique. As shown in the figure  





Module not found:Error:Can’t resolve ‘rc-animate/lib/CSSMotionList’ in ‘……’


After the react project is compiled, sometimes the following error will be reported if you enter cnpm start

Add the following code to the package.json file to specify the version

"resolutions": {
  "css-animation": "1.5.0",
  "rc-animate": "2.8.2"


Add the following configuration in dependencies

"css-animation": "1.5.0",
"rc-animate": "2.8.2",

View – neditor – empty packaging style

Using Vue neditor wrap

When we use a rich text editor in a project, a style of null error may occur


1. Let’s check the version of Vue in package.lock.json file first. The version of Vue neditor wrap must be above vue2, and 1. Several versions cannot use

2. Use NPM instead of yarn when downloading dependencies