Summary of errors in installing texlive2017

Dao niu one afternoon, do not know why oneself can be wrong, sum up the wrong road that oneself have gone through now
From the website to download the exe software first, and then the first error,

Error 1: Double-click to run the EXE file directly, select CustOME Setup — and then select Continue to install the last two items
Then has been installed about 3-5 G, and then the installation of the installation is broken, the network speed is not good, the road is not removed

Mistake 2: So I chose to run the EXE file and unpack the file. But it seems that because it is connected to the network, the unzip file is too little, failed
Method 1: Then success came, I went to download the ISO file,. Then right-click the unzip file, run the install-tl-advanced option, and select the Mini installation from the Setup option

Click Install a Package Install some packages we need. Install a Package>.

Here we need the following three packages, which can be directly searched by using the search box, as shown in the figure below:
Latexpdf-view (visual display)

In the latex after where the plug-in by clicking on the Settings , configuration of latex in the Tex Path add their installation latex in the bin directory is ok

After you have written it, press Ctrl+Alt+Bd you will see the following. On the left is the source code and on the right is the generated PDF file. Our simple LaTeX editor is ready. The result is an error,. I don't know why... This is complicated, so use Texstudio instead

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